Word 2010 Macros


Word 2010 Macros is the perfect solution for creating items like: tables, paragraphs etc, inside work for further use without use copy-paste from another document. Using Word 2010 Macros can be done by coding using Visual Basic (for programmers) or recording operations. The small disadvantage with Word 2010 Macros is the recording procedure that will not allow using mouse in many cases (except drawing and tables tools) and will not obey the CTRL+Z to undo changes.

To use Word 2010 Macros:

1.  Open Word 2010 > Go to “View” < select “Macors” < choose “record macro”.
2.  Name the Macro under “Macro name”.
3.  On the “Store Macro in” tab choose the “Normal.dot” if you want the macro to be recognized on any file you’ll open (recommended). Otherwise, the macron will be available only in this document.
4.  Start edits your document, insert any item you want that can be used in future.
5.  When done < go to “view” < “stop record”

That’s pretty much it! Your macro is ready to use. Word 2010 Macros you just created should be available for you on any document you open.

To check Word 2010 Macros:

  1. Open Word 2010 >Create new file < Go to “View” < select “Macors” < choose “View macros”.
  2. Mark the Macro name you created < press the “Run” button on right side menu.
  3. The macro should insert the exact item you created with it.

You can create a Word 2010 macros to each item separately by opening new document from beginning and add one macro in each document. In that way each macro holds one item and all macros gathered in “view macros”.

For example:

  1.  Open new document < create a macro < name is “Table 4×4” < record table 4×4 < stop record.
  2. Open new document < create a macro < name is “Table 7×7” < record table 7×7 < stop record.
  3. Open new document < You have already two options in “View macros” to create two kinds of tables. Note you can add many Word 2010 Macros as you want so you may have macro for almost any item you need. Word 2010 Macros also saves design, fonts just like it saved on document.