Windows 7 VPN


One of the great windows 7 features is that this operating system can use as an authenticating VPN system for incoming connections to local network.

In order to enable windows 7 to act as VPN server you can do the follow:
1. Go to control panel < open the ‘network and sharing center’ < click the ‘Change adapter settings’ on the left.
2. You should see the ‘file menu’ when pressing the ‘Alt’ key < choose ‘new incoming connection’.
3. Choose user that will login to VPN in the ‘who may connect to this computer’ < click ‘next’.
4. Check the ‘through the Internet option’ on the ‘how will people connect’ checklist< click ‘next’.
 how will people connect
5. Double click the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ <click ‘properties’.
6. Check the ‘allow callers to access my local area network’ option <configure
the IP address for incoming connections.
6. Click ‘ok’ < click ‘allow accesses.
7. Configure ‘port forwarding’ on your router to route the VPN traffic to the address you just configures (port 1723 for PPTP VPN).
From the VPN client computer do the follow:
1. Go to control panel < open the ‘network and sharing center’< click ‘set up a connection or network’.
2. Choose the ‘connect to a workplace’ < click ‘next’.
3. Click ‘use my internet connection (VPN)’.
4. Type the IP address (or dns host name) of the windows 7 VPN computer you set before in the Internet address field.

Used with permission from Microsoft