windows 7 Start menu web search


Windows 7 allows you to run an internet search trough the start menu, in addition to the file search it was meant to deal with in its original mission.
Follow this procedure to make it go:
1.Press the ‘Start menu’ < type "GPEDIT.MSC" on the search textbox < press "Enter".
2.The Group Policy Editor window should be open now.
3.Browse to "User Configuration" < "Administrative Templates"<"Start Menu and Taskbar".
4.Open the "Add search Internet link to start menu" < select the "enabled" option < click OK until you exit the Group Policy Editor window.
5.Starting this moment, whenever you type a search string in the search box, you should get a link note "Search the Internet" .Clicking this link will automatically open your default web browser with the search query to run the search in the internet.