windows 7 Power Efficiency Report


Windows 7 includes new hidden feature for laptops meant to check your power configuration and suggest ways to improve power scheme for better performance.
In order to use this feature, follow this procedure:
1.Login as administrator to your computer.
2.Press the "Start" button < Run < type "CMD" < right click the "CMD" icon presented under the ‘programs’ search list, and press "Run as administrator".  Even though you logged in as administrator you should run the CMD as administrator or else you will get the error :  " The energy command requires administrator privilege"
3.In the command line box opened type the following :
Powercfg  -energy  -output drive:\folder\My_energy_report.html .
For example :
Powercfg  -energy  -output c:\reports\My_energy_report.html

Now, windows should place a message like "enabling tracing for 60 seconds".

4.At the end of the procedure you should get a HTML log file presenting all information needed for you to know your errors in computer power configurations along with all information about your battery, power chips etc.

You shouldn’t worry so much for this report as if you’re familiar with your work and needs,this report means nothing for you but a "nice to have" feature.