windows 7 Bypass Login



Like windows XP, windows 7 have the ability to let the user decide if he wants to auto login to his\her account without the need to confirm username and password first in the windows login screen. This is a very convenience when you have some security method to use before, like finger swipe in laptops or bios password for a user in PC, but it’s very dangerous when you work on a domain environment or when your computer is exposed to other users since the domain or environment user only have to turn on the computer and get automatically logged in to your account and see your files easily. It’s even more dangerous if you have admin privileges on the computer because anyone can do anything on it. Though, it very helpful when you want to auto login user like in Kiosk mode or auto login a user that run an automated application or service.
In order to bypass the login screen you should have administrative privileges.
This is the procedure:
1. Click the ‘start’ button< click ‘run’ < type ‘netplwiz’ to start the user account wizard.
2. You should see a marked checkbox called ‘Users Must Enter a Username and Password to Use This Computer’ < uncheck this checkbox < click ‘apply’.
3. When dialog box opens, insert the name of the user account that you want to be logged in automatically < insert the user password (if it has one) and confirm it when asked (leave the box empty if the user doesn’t require any password to login).
4. Click OK in every dialog screen.
5. Restart the computer to see if changes applied and user can automatically login.