Windows 2008 server SMTP


Windows 2008 server SMTP service allows taking advantage of SMTP abilities to monitor hardware and software activity in order to be updated about any service or error on server.
The most important configuration Windows 2008 server SMTP service needs to run is open relay for server and appropriate firewall ports open.
Testing Windows 2008 server SMTP service can be done using the windows telnet command to port 25.

In order to configure Windows 2008 server SMTP service:

  1. Add SMTP features on server under “add feature wizard” .
  2. Add IIS web services console and tools.
  3. Open IIS under “administrative tools”.
  4. Browse to SMTP virtual server box.
  5. Right click on server name in IIS and choose “Add new SMTP virtual server”.
  6. Name the new SMTP virtual server.
  7. Choose the IP in which the virtual server uses for service SMTP requests.
  8. Select home directory.
  9. Fill in the domain name that will hold the SMTP server.
  10. Click “finish”
  11. Go to new SMTP server on left pane < right click “properties”.
  12. Check the “limit connection to” and choose some reasonable connection number (30).
  13. Go to “access” tab < press “authentication” < uncheck “anonymous access” < check the “basic authentication” and “Require TLS encryption” < fill in the domain name < press ok or uncheck all and check “windows based authentication”.
  14. Go to “connection control” < click “connection” button < grant access only to local server IP.
  15. Click the “relay” button < check the “grant access to list below” < add you domain name for accessing this virtual server.
  16. Go to “delivery” < check the “outbound security” button < check the “integrated windows authentication” and fill in admin user and password.

You may limit outbound connection under “outbound connection”.