windows 2008 server rras service


Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS known as RAS on older Microsoft operating systems) gives Windows Server 2008 a router role, by establishing clients dial up connections to remote networks using a range of authentication protocols. Routing and Remote access services are integrated into a single service in Windows Server 2008.
RRAS is installed out of the box when installing windows 2008 server or windows 2008 R2 but its disabled by default.
In order to enable RRAS:
1.Go to start < programs < administrative tools < routing and remote access
2.The RRAS console should come up < right click the server name on the left pane < press the ‘configure and enable routing and remote access’.
3.Use the wizard to enable the RRAS.
4.Choose between the options the wizard gives you : Remote access (dial-up or VPN)\ Network address translation (NAT)\ Virtual private network (VPN) access and NAT\Secure connection between two private networks\Custom configuration.
If you want to use the server as a VPN server that accept connections from internet and connects them to local resources on your internal network – you should choose the Remote access (dial-up or VPN) options.
If you want to operate the server as NAT service to clients on your local network – you should choose Network address translation (NAT).
If you want to use both methods of NAT and VPN – you should use Virtual private network (VPN) access and NAT.
If you want to use server to create a persistent connection to other network – you should use the secure connection between two private networks.
The last option (Custom configuration) will allow you to use individual services as you like.