Vmware Thinapp crash windows 7


Vmware Thinapp crash windows 7  starting version 4.5 can cause some problems when creating portable installations for windows 7 64bit using 32 bit software.
Some issues you may consider try when those problem occur:

1.Before build the project try to edit the %systemsystem% directory attributes for IsolatedMode setting to full mode.
2.Open the project file (exe file) in compatibility mode to windows XP.
3.Edit package.ini (before build) so that the wow64=0 line will be marked with no “;”
4.Build the package in Full access mode , if it won’t work with Merged mode
5.Make the package under Windows XP, before the project’s compilation, delete the oleaut32.dll file from %systemsystem%. After the project build, try in under windows 7.