Use quick parts gallery with outlook 2007


Quick parts features were built with an important willing to serve the user and let him work Comfortably with text that he uses with on daily basis. That means that if you use a common template of your own and use it every day, you can now click button to apply this text to your email instead of writing the text all over again.
Make no mistake, this is not a signature, but a text.

Follow this procedure to use outlook 2007 quick parts:

1. Open outlook 2007.
2. Open new email.
3. Type the common text you want to save to a template.
4. Mark the text.
5. Go to insert ribbon
6. Press the "quick parts" button.
7. Press "save selection to quick parts gallery"
8. Select the gallery, give it a name, choose the category (or create a new one) and press OK.
9. From now on, when you want to add this text you simply open new email, press "quick parts" and choose the Name of the text you saved.

To manage the quick part galleries follow this procedure:

1. Go to insert ribbon.
2. Press the "quick parts" button.
3. Right click with mouse on one of the quick parts you created.
4. Choose "organize and delete" from the menu appears.
5. You can delete the quick part you don’t need any more, add new quick part or edit existing quick part.