use Outlook 2010 format lists


Outlook 2010 includes three types of lists that each one of them includes a set of reconfigured styles. The lists types are: numbered, bulleted and multilevel.
Those types of lists available under “Format Text tab” located under “Paragraph group”. Bulleted and numbered lists can be found in “Message tab” in basic text group as well.
To use Outlook 2010 format lists:

1. Open Outlook 2010 < open a message < select the text needs to be formatted as a list.
2. Go to “Paragraph group” < Open the “Format Text” tab < select “Bullets” < click the arrow next to Bullets in order to select a different style for the list < select the requested style.
3. Click “Multilevel List” to change the text to a different level < select “Change
List Level” < choose the new level from the list menu.
4. Click the arrow near the Bullet button in order to create a new style for list <
Select “Define New Bullet” < Click “Picture”\”Font”\”Symbol< choose new bullet character < click “OK”.