remove internet explorer toolbar


If you installed by mistake or with intention an internet explorer toolbars, know that some of them leave traces in the explorer menu bar so that even if you uninstall the toolbar or add in – it shows in some way in the menu bar.

When, removing from add-ons tab or add\remove programs sometimes isn’t enough.
What you should do in addition for removing the add in or toolbar to fix this,  is to open the registry (be sure to backup the registry first) and manually remove those leftovers.
1.    Start < run < type ‘regedit’
2.   Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions.
3.   You should see some keys that include random letters and numbers in brackets.
4.   Pointing on one of those keys will give you an idea about the name of the add in or toolbar. You can press the ‘delete’ button on the keyboard to remove the key and get rid of the annoying toolbar or add in.