Premiere CS4 effects


Premiere CS4 effects
Rain effect
1. Take the source movie to the timeline.
2. Create a new black video and put it above the source movie.
3. Add “Cell pattern” effect to black video.
4. Change effect properties so that : (shape=crystals, contrast=600, overflow= soft clamp, disperse=1.5 , size=3, evolution options> random seen> animate key frame from 0 to 20)
5. Add “directional blur” effect to black video.
6. Change effect properties so that: (blur length=10, direction=5).
7. Change “Motion” scale to higher number.
8. Change opacity to Overlay so that the two video would mix.

Mountain effect or a water bobble
1. Add “Ripple” (CPU effects) to source movie.
2. Change effect properties so that : (surface angle=above 200, ripple amount= 10)
3. Change linear line on selected frames with “ease in” and “ease out” commands.
4. Mark all effects needed and then right click>save present for further use.
Green Screen
1. Shot the scene in front of the green screen.
2. Import the needed JPEG file and put under the green screen in timeline.
3. Add “Chrome key” from keying effects and add it to the green screen layer.
4. Go to chrome key effect < select Green color < change similarity until all JPEG gets into the background.
5. Add “crop” effect to crop sides that weren’t on the green area.
6. On “crop” effects – play with the crop side (right, left etc).

Cropping a movie to play 2-6 windows at the same time
1. Add movie number 1 to time line and choose the "crop" tool from tools.
2. Adjust the requested movie as needed with the left\right\up\down buttons.
3. Add the next movie and place it above the first movie on a new movie channel
4. Again adjust the requested movie as needed with the left\right\up\down buttons.

Creating soft focus effect with adobe elements
1. Open adobe elements version 8
2. Add the movie to timeline.
3. Duplicate the movie to work and synchronize in two separate video channels.
4. Click the first movie and select the "Gordian blur" from tools.
5. Increase the "Gordian blur" for the right focus effect.
6. Go to video track number 2 and adjust the opacity, brightness and contrast to match the requested soft effect.

Blur background effect

1. Take a piece of movie that we want to make the effect on.
2. Duplicate the movie and put it on the timeline.
3. Create title.
4. In title- mark the requested area to be blurred.
5. Put the title on top of movie 2 on timeline.
6. Add "blur camera" and "track math key" to movie 2
7. Change "track math key" to "movie 3" and change blur.

Moving between premiere pro and adobe after effects
1. Importing entire project from AP to AE:
In AP > file > import file > choose AP file and import.

2. Importing part of project from AP to AE:
In AP > select and mark the requested area to by copied > edit > copy
In AE > composition < new composition > mark ‘Pal wide screen’ > paste
Files will arrive with the same AP time code.
In AE > mark the work area > right click > Trim comp to work area.
Adding time remap > in AE > layer > time > enable time remapping > mark key frames > select key frames and pressF9 (easy ease effect) > run preview.

Return movie from AE to AP

1. Go to composition > make movie
2. Take the bottom render queue up > change preset to requested format > mark stretch to ‘wide screen’ > select current settings> start render.
3. 3. Go to AP > import the movie
Using dynamic links (without rendering)
1. Save the AE projects with name
2. Drag the AE composition > alt tab to het to AP > release the AE composition above timeline
3. From now on any change in AE will take place automatically in AP without rendering.