Outlook 2007 keyboard shortcuts


A nice feature from Microsoft office 2007 is the one that let the user see the shortcuts for every operation he does. In outlook 2007 it is easy to create a new email and does every operation regarding new email with no keyboard and less time (when you become an expert).
To work with outlook 2007 keyboard shortcuts follow this procedure:

1. Open outlook 2007.
2. Open new email.
3. Press the ALT key to see shortcuts on the ribbons tab in the upper ruler.
4. you should see squares with digits and letters (1,2,3,4,5,n,h,p,o).
5. If you press the digit or letter, you should get the expansion of the current issue. For example: pressing P will lead to "option" ribbon.
6. After the expansion, you’ll see other shortcuts with one or two letters that regards to the current ribbon.
To continue part 5 example, if you press the combination TC you should get the colors chooser.