Norton ghost 15


Norton ghost 15 also know by the Symantec products that goes along with it, provide the ultimate solution in terms of backing up your computer (full disk) or part of it (partition), also includes advanced recovery service for restoring lost data and network services that can ease the process of dropping image to your files server or pulling an image from your file server.
The benefits of ghost 15 are enormous: the refreshing new GUI allows operating much easier then with the DOS GUI that we were used to in the old Norton ghost product.
In addition, the fully compatibility with windows 7 operation systems is great solved two major problems concerning windows 7 with ghost 12 and 14 product. First, the new product overcome the ghost 12 issue with windows 7 that asks you to force dismount the hard disk and may lose data. Is such scenario like working with brand computer like HP, Dell or IBM it solved the recovery disk issue. The issue was that when uploading ghost from disk to create or restore an image, ghost worn of the partition that is locked by other programs (this "program" is actually the recovery disk created by those brands companies as mentioned). Basically when uploading the Norton ghost 15 from disk it identifies all partitions and treats them as individual parts and not as one physical disk. In that way, recovery disk doesn’t concern Norton 15 as it acts as a separate disk and doesn’t affect the operation system or other data drives. In addition, Norton ghost 15 works with both 25G and 50G Blu-ray discs and supported by the windows 7 bitlocker to provide data protection encrypting disk data.
Norton ghost 15 is attentive to world’s progress and needs; therefore it supplies a great platform for dealing with cloud and VM machines, for example: it uses V2i files for imaging and can include and restore VM files such as VHD files as well.
Backup with Norton ghost 15
To backup your computer with Norton ghost 15 follow those instructions:
1.Insert the Norton ghost 15 boot disk and boot from CD to load the software.
2.Accept the license when asked and press OK.
3.Choose the service "backup my computer" and follow the instructions.
4.Choose the partition\s you want to backup.
5.Choose the local\network drive to store the .v2i file.
6.Press" OK" to finish the process.

Norton ghost 15 also provides a platform which allows you to restore files to local or network drive using the networking services. Once operated, those services can gain you access to some nice networking tools to control your restore data: ping to remote computer, map network drive and much more.