Migrating windows 2008 DHCP Servers with Migration Tools


Windows Server Migration Tools is a name for a set of tools in a PowerShell cmdlets format included in Windows Server 2008 R2. The tools can be installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 system using “Add Features Wizard in Server Manager”.
When coming to DHCP service, the tool will not only migrate scope information, but the existing leases on the source server scope as well.
Important to know that in case of migrating DHCP service from windows 2003 server to Windows Server 2008 systems, the Migration Tools should be installed on both servers – the target and the destination. Since windows 2008 include the Migration Tools out of the box, use this article to learn how to install it on windows 2003 server.
So how it’s getting done?

1.Install the Windows Server Migration Tools package on source and destination DHCP servers.

2.Run “Windows Server Migration Tools export” cmdlets on the source DHCP server < copy the export files to the destination DHCP server.

3.On the source DHCP server < choose one of the following methods to remove its identity on network < Unauthorize the DHCP OR change the IP address OR remove server from network.

4.On the destination DHCP server < add the original IP address known for all computers in network < Run the “Windows Server Migration Tools import” cmdlet.

5.Enable the DHCP Server service on the destination DHCP server < start the service < verify if imported settings correct < Authorize the DHCP server.