Migrate Windows 2003 DHCP to Windows 2008 R2


The first step in Migrate Windows 2003 DHCP to Windows 2008 R2 is Exporting DHCP Servers Setting from the Windows Server 2003. It’s important to make sure that the windows 2003 server includes NET framework, and Server Migration Tools registered with Windows Power Shell. Use this article  to install it necessary.

1.Login to server as administrator < Click “Start” < “All Programs” < “Administrative Tools” < select “DHCP”.

2.Expand “DHCP server” name < Right click “DHCP server” < select “Properties”.

3.Select “Advanced” tab < click the Bindings button. Copy the IP address the DHCP server is using.

4.Right click the “DHCP server” < select “Backup”.

5.Choose backup location < click “OK” to backup.

6.Right click “DHCP server” < select “All tasks” < select “Stop”.

7.Start “Windows Server Migration Tools” (click “Start” < “All programs” < “Administrative Tools” < “Windows Server Migration Tools” < click the Power Shell shortcut.

8.In power shell windows < type “.\Servermigration.psc1” press “Enter”.

9.In the new opened power shell window < type “command Export-SmigServerSetting –FeatureID DHCP” < press “enter”.

10.When prompted for a path < write “c:\dhcpExp” < press “Enter”.

11.Enter a password when prompt (make sure its six characters or longer) < press “Enter” to export the settings.

12.Copy the exported folder (dhcpExp) to the same location on the destination windows 2008 DHCP server.

13.Change the IP address of the server or remove it from the network.

The second step of this procedure is Importing DHCP Server Settings to a Windows Server 2008 R2 as follow:

1. Log on to the destination Windows Server 2008 R2 < open command prompt in administrative mode (“Start” < “All programs” < “Accessories < right click “Command Prompt” < choose “Run as Administrator”.

2. Under “administrative tools” < click “Windows Server Migration Tools < click the Power Shell shortcut < type” Import-SmigServerSettings –FeatureID DHCP –Verbose” < press “Enter”.

3. When prompted for the path, type c:\ dhcpExp < press “Enter” < enter the password < press “Enter”. Use the –Force command if import fails.

4. Type “exit” if all successfully < press “Enter” and close the Windows Power Shell window.

5. Click “Start” < “All programs” < “Administrative Tools” < “Services” < right click the “DHCP Server” service < choose Properties < Change the “DHCP Server” service startup to “Automatic” < click “OK”.

6. Start the DHCP Server service (Right click < select “Start”).

7. View the DHCP console (under Administrative Tools) < make sure the local server should be listed < expand the server to make sure the scope imported with all. Review the scope settings and leases.

8. Right click the “IPv4” < select “Properties” < Select “Advanced” tab and click “Bindings” < Verify that the original DHCP server IP address is listed and checked < Close all windows.

9. Right click “local server” in DHCP console < select “Authorize”. < click refresh to verify the server is healthy.

10. If the original server (2003) is authorize under the list at the “Manage Authorized Servers” < unauthorized it.

11. Verify that the server can deliver new leases and close the console.