Microsoft Office outlook is synchronizing folders when saving attchment


OK, thats the problem :

1. you open your Outlook 2003\2007

2. you open email contains attachment

3. you try to save the attachment to a folder

4. saving the attachment is slow or you’re getting a " synchronizing folders" message for a second and it desapear/

 resolution :

Appears that everytime you save an attchment, outlook chcecks the drives you have under "my computer" bedofre the saving, if any problem with one of the drives, you get this message.

we saw this message in  two situations:

1. when autorun.inf virus is found in one of the drives.

2. when the users have no permissions to one of the drives. for example : your administartor mapped network drive with his own user and passwords and forgot to disconnect the drive.

actually you have no permissions to that drive but it’s still placed under "my computer".

to fix this problem you have to:

1. In virus case – remove virus on infected drive

2. in Mapped drive case-  check which drive is mapped with other credentilas and disconnect it (right click and disconnect).