MDT 2012 network error during boot


MDT 2012 network error during boot is a phenomena when trying to boot a computer using the MDT 2012 ISO file created, the network driver for than machine can not be loaded due to the fact that the windows PE created by MDT 2012 doesn’t have the proper driver.

You may get error like:
The following networking device did not have a driver installed.

The solution for is as follow:

  1. Download the network card drivers from the manufacture site (in most cases this driver is an EXE file which you should extract to a directory).
  2. Go to the MDT 2012 console < open the “Deployment share” you created.
  3. Right click “out of the box driver” < add new drivers < browse for the directory you extracted the drivers to < finish process.
  4. Now you should see the additional network drivers under “out of the box driver”.
  5. Right click your “Deployment share” < choose “update deployment share” – this will recreate the bootable ISO for booting your computer with appropriate network drivers this time.