Live update Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager


You may control the Symantec live update settings using Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

1. Open the Symantec Endpoint Protection manager console.
2. Login using user and password.
3. Select "Policies" On the left pane .
4. select"Live Update" On the left pane .
5. Open "LiveUpdate Settings policy" On the right pane.
6. To modify the server that use for update, click on "Server settings"
Now we have to choose if to work with the default managment server.
we can also decide if to use Symantec managment server or an internal liveupdate server.

7. If "Use live update server" choosed, the "schedule" tab become enabled and we
can choose the time the update will take place.

8. In "Advanced settings" we can configure if users allowed to launch live update,
and if Symantec endpoint protection product updates will be downloaded using live
update server.