Installing Windows Server Migration Tools on windows 2003 server


Windows Server Migration Tools basically installed in windows 2008 R2 systems, but one can use a deployment folder package to “transfer” it windows 2003 as follow:

1.Open command prompt as administrator. (Click “Start” < “All Programs”, < “Accessories” < right-click “Command Prompt” < choose “Run as administrator”.

2.Change the navigation in command prompt to :

3.Type the following command:
smigdeploy.exe /package /architecture x86 /os ws03 /path c:\MigTool2003 < press “Enter”.

4.Running the command should place a directory named: “SMT_ws03_x86” under c:\MigTool2003.

5.Copy the folder SMT_ws03_x86 to the windows 2003 server.

6.Make sure .Net framework 2.0 and latest windows power shell updates installed on windows 2003 server.

7.On windows 2003 server < open command prompt with administrative rights < browse to local copy of the Server Migration Tools folder <

8.Type “smigdeploy.exe” < press “Enter” to register the Windows Server Migration Tools to windows 2003.