Install POP3 on windows 2008 server


POP3 server was removed from windows 2008 server, like outlook express, but there is a way for dealing with it with
Visendo SMTP extender for windows 2008 server.

1. Make sure SMTP role installed on the windows 2008 server.
2. Add new alias domain to IIS 6
3. Set automatic start up for the SMTP service.
4. Download and Install Visual C++ 2008 SP1 from
5. Download Visendo SMTP (pop3) Extender for your Windows 2008 installation from here:

64 bit

Update for 64 bit

32 bit

Update for 32 bit

7. Install the program
8. Unzip the update zip file
9. Copy C:\Program Files\ppedv\VisendoSMTPExtender\visendosmtpextender_sample.config to C:\ProgramData\ppedv\VisendoSMTPExtender\ visendosmtpextender_sample.config
10. rename C:\ProgramData\ppedv\VisendoSMTPExtender\visendosmtpextender_sample.config to C:\ProgramData\ppedv\VisendoSMTPExtender\visendosmtpextender.config
11 .Change visendosmtpextender.config with your server IP address.
This file should look like this:


<Outbound UseOutboundPop3="true" StoreFolder="C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop" ServerPort="110" ServerIP="YourServerIP"/>



<mailbox datadir="C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\me1_test_com" destination="mail@DomainNameInIIS" password="Password"/>

<mailbox datadir="C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\me_test_com" destination="mail@DomainNameInIIS" password="Password"/>


12. install windows live mail from here
13.Add email account and enter the email address that was setup in the visendosmtpextender.config
14.Choose Manually Configure Server Settings check box.
15.Fill in the incoming and outgoing servers to be the hostname of your server and then click Next > Finish.
16. Login to windows mail account that was created and create a New Mail Message and address this to mail@DomainNameInIIS
17.check in C:\inetpub\mailroot\Drop that the mail arrived.