Import category list outlook 2010


Category list considered as a great method to classify mail times in Outlook.Import category list outlook 2010 involves modifying the registry.
If one person or system administrator created the ultimate list that includes all categories for organization, this list can be duplicated to all outlooks instead of letting any user careate the categories from scratch.
This procedure can be done by using .REG file as follow:

1.Open Notepad.
2.Copy the text below:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“NewCategories”=”Category 1;Ctaegory 2;Ctaegory 3”
Make sure to replace”Ctaegory 1;Ctaegory 2;Ctaegory 3” with the requested categories, for example “finnance;media”
3.Save the file and change its extension to be .REG.
4.Put the file on a Public network share.
5.Instruct users (who needs this category list) to double click the file and press “OK” to get the list to their outlook.