How we came to that solution?  

We did all the vault installation by the book but still  didn't see any symantec vault icons under Enterprise Vault add-in for Oulook client. Enterprise vault client which is known under ResetEVClient.exe. it located under: c:Program FilesEnterprise VaultEVClient and may fix some problems. The utility for reset Enterprise vault client is included under the location where the client extensions are installed.

So what  ResetEVClient does ?

 It Deletes Outlook cache files as extend.dat ,outcmd.dat and fmchache.dat, delete Temporary internet files and register the Valkyrie again.  

How to run ResetEVClient.exe ?

1. Close Outlook 

2. Double-click on ResetEVClient.exe from the EVClient deirectory.

3. Restart Outlook.

If you have any problem deleting DAT files with ResetEVClient you can do it manually :

 1. Close Outlook.

 2. Manually delete those files: extend.dat, outcmd.dat, frmcache.dat (located under C:Documents and SettingsUserNameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook. 

3. Run ResetEVClient to register valkyrie.dll. 

4. Restart Outlook and test.