How to perform exchange 2007 Dial Tone Restore


This article related to a situation where User works with Cache mode in Outlook client nad
The database failed. It worked for us after many articles looked into. This is the right way we think it should be done.

1. Create a new Folder under the MDBDATA location.
2. Dismount all databases in the Storage Group.
3. Copy the old database and Log files to the new folder.
4. Mount the Production Database and create a new Database.
5. The Cache Mode client should receive a message status to Work online Offline or Cancel.
6. Create Recovery Storage Group using the Exchange System Manager where the Production Storage Group located.
7. Copy the Logs from the temporary location to the Recovery Storage Group folder.
8. Restore the Database from backup.
9. Mount the Recovery Storage Group Database.
10. Dismount the Recovery Storage Group Database and the Production Database.
11. Swap the databases between the Recovery Storage Group and Production and change the Database files names.
12. Select "This DB can be overridden by restore"
13. Mount the Recovery Storage Group and Production.
14. Merge the Recovery Storage Group into Production.
15. Delete the Recovery Storage Group from Exchange System Manager.