How to open REM files and How to decrypt REM files


Many models of the new BlackBerry devices compress and encrypt media files such as video and pictures.
Blackberry storm and Blackberry bold are an example of those models.
This encryption is part of the cellular company’s policy that configures the device to compress and encrypt those files.
From the other side, the encryption may be the local company BES (Blackberry Exchange Server) policy. In either way – the files are encrypted with the REM file extension.
After trying to decrypt the jpg.rem (pictures) and 3gp.rem (video) using the Blackberry desktop manager – it’s impossible even with the latest desktop manager.
Many forums suggested opening a new folder in the memory card or local Blackberry memory and copy the files to it, but still the encryption will not diapered. Copying the files to the computer and rename it to JPG instead of REM will change the file icon but when open it will show “unavailable” message.
Well, here is the solution for it:
The pictured file(JPG) and recorded files (video) that was done until this moment will remain encrypted but in order to picture and record with no encryption from now on try this:

1. Open the Blackberry device
2. Go to  Options>memory>content
3. Mark compression as  disabled
4. Mark  content protection as disabled
From now on any media file that will be taken from the BlackBerry will be regular file and by simple copy-paste in Desktop Manager will transfer to the computer.

What about the encrypted files that was recorded?

Three ways to solve this problem:

1. One way is to transfer the files in email one by one. The transfer will decrypt the files.
2. The second way is to download a program that converts REM files to JPG files.
3. The Third way is to follow this procedure:
a. Open the Blackberry device
b. Go to options > memory or options>security>memory
c. Mark “media card support  “ as ON
d. Mark “encrypt mode” as “Device” (instead of NONE)
e. Connect the BlackBerry to computer and open Desktop manager
f. Insert password if needed to open the BlackBerry
g. Now the files are with regular JPG extension but still copy-paste to computer will not work
h. Double click a file to enlarge it
i. Take a print screen and paste it to “Microsoft Paint Program”
j. Select the picture from the entire screen and save it as JPG on computer

if non of this works:

Go to "Options" on your BlackBerry < Card configurations < Select "NO" for Encrypt Media Files and "None" for Encryption Mode < send your rem files to any of your email addresses and it will appear as JPG.