Install NFS on windows 2008 R2 server


Windows Server 2008 R2 includes components to allow integration with UNIX based systems. Those components known as services for Unix (SFU) in older windows OS.
The first step in order to connect windows machine to UNIX, Linux or Mac is to install and enable the NFS service on the windows 2008 R2. Install NFS on windows 2008 R2 server can be done as follow:

1.Go to “Start” < “All programs” < “administrative tools” < “Server manager”.

2.Click “Roles” tab under tasks pane < click “Add roles” <when wizard come up click “next” < choose the “File services” and check it < click “Next” < click “Next” on introduction <

3.On the Introduction to File Services page, click Next to continue < check the box for “Services for Network File System” < click “Next” < confirm the checkboxes and press “install”. NFS will be used to support allocation of free disk space from any windows OS in the network.

4.In this step installing the Unix Subsystems allow UNIX applications to run on Windows and urge the connection between the two systems as follow: “Add Roles” < click “Next” < Check “Subsystem for UNIX based Applications” < click “next” < click “install”.

5.Close the wizard.