How to export mailbox data to PST file


Exchange 2007 service pack 1 and exchange 2010 cmdlet command prompt allow the exchange administrator to export mailbox data to PST file using the Export-Mailbox command, which may be uploaded and phrased later using Microsoft outlook client.

By default, all mailbox data exported using the command, but export mailbox data to PST will not work on a mailbox in a different forest that the administrator works on and will not work on public folders databases.

Also, before exporting the data, the administrator should have full access mailbox permission on the target mailbox. If user director (administrative user) needs access to export Jessy’s mailbox, he can do it using this command:

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity Jessy -User director -AccessRights FullAccess

To get the requested access to export from one mailbox to another, both mailboxes should be accessed to admin follow this command.

The command for exporting the data to PST file:

Export-Mailbox -Identity <MailboxID> -PSTFolderPath <PstFolderPath&PstFileName>

For example:

Export-Mailbox -Identity User -PSTFolderPath D:\pstfiles\user.pst

Checkout all parameters for Export-Mailbox to segment by dates, groups, database etc