How to enable Blackberry smart dialing


Ever got into a scenario that you for some reason suddenly your blackberry started to dial with an unknown prefix for any contact you have in phone? Well, someone must have played around with your smart dialing configuration. Smart dialing also allows you to perform sophisticated actions like auto dial to an extension when routing trough a switchboard.
Smart dialing basically meant for configuring unique country prefix when in a roaming situation. For example, if you go abroad for a week you won’t dial to your home cellular provider so you configure smart dialing to numbers that are on the local country.
To enable smart dialing do the follow:
1.On the blackberry home screen, press the bear paw icon to see the full blackberry menu.
2.Browse to "options" and click to open <browse to ""phone options" and click to open < browse to ""smart dialing" and click to open.
3.On the "country code" rubric < select the country you’re located in.
4.Save all way back to home screen.
If you want to auto access an extension routed by a switchboard, then you can use the next method named "to access office extensions within my corporation".
1.Specify your corporation number
2.Specify the waiting  time, you have to be precise on this one as you have to know the time your office’s switchboard delay to accept extension dialing.