How to configure GlobalNames Zone with windows 2008 server


Windows 2008 GlobalNames Zone was designed to support IPv6 clients to use different naming address (much like Wins did in previous windows servers) in the domain scope.
GlobalNames zoneĀ  supports single label name resolution via a DNS zone much alike WINS.The type of the zone is a forward lookup zone so that every query that doesn’t get resolved by DNS,will be sent to resove against the GlobalNames.

In order to configure GlobalNames zone do the follow:

1.Open “administrative tools”.

2.Expand “DNS Server” > expand “DNS node” < select the requested DNS server.

3.Select “Forward Lookup Zones” < Select “action” < New Zone.

4.Click “next” < choose the “Primary Zone” < check the “Store the Zone in Active Directory” checkbox < click “next”.

5.Select “All DNS Servers in This Forest” < click “Next”.

6.Enter zone name to Global Names < click “Next” < “Next” < “Finish”.

7.On every DNS that should resolve GlobalNames Zones, do the follow: command prompt (start <run < cmd)
B.type “dnscmd /config/EnableGlobalNamesSupport 1″ or ” reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters” EnableGlobalNames Support 1″
C.the message ” Registry property EnableGlobalNamesSupport successfully reset” should be appear.

8.Enter a “CNAME” record to GlobalNames zone for any server or workstation that needs to respond single label query < Set appropriate FQDN for each record.