Windows 2008 GlobalNames Zone was designed to support IPv6 clients to use different naming address (much like Wins did in previous windows servers) in the domain scope.
GlobalNames zone¬† supports single label name resolution via a DNS zone much alike WINS.The type of the zone is a forward lookup zone so that every query that doesn’t get resolved by DNS,will be sent to resove against the GlobalNames.

In order to configure GlobalNames zone do the follow:

1.Open “administrative tools”.

2.Expand “DNS Server” > expand “DNS node” < select the requested DNS server.

3.Select “Forward Lookup Zones” < Select “action” < New Zone.

4.Click “next” < choose the “Primary Zone” < check the “Store the Zone in Active Directory” checkbox < click “next”.

5.Select “All DNS Servers in This Forest” < click “Next”.

6.Enter zone name to Global Names < click “Next” < “Next” < “Finish”.

7.On every DNS that should resolve GlobalNames Zones, do the follow: command prompt (start <run < cmd)
B.type “dnscmd /config/EnableGlobalNamesSupport 1″ or ” reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters” EnableGlobalNames Support 1″
C.the message ” Registry property EnableGlobalNamesSupport successfully reset” should be appear.

8.Enter a “CNAME” record to GlobalNames zone for any server or workstation that needs to respond single label query < Set appropriate FQDN for each record.