How to block devices with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager


You can block devices for users  by deploying a policy from the Symantec console.

1. Open the Symantec Endpoint Protection manager console.
2. Login using user and password.
3. Select "Application and Device control" On the left pane .
4. Double click "Application and Device control policy" on the right screen.
5. Select "Device control" On the left pane.
6. Click "Add" under "Blocaked Devices".
7. Choose the "Device Name" you want to block (Floppy, USB etc) and press OK.
8. Save all windows.
9. If you wnat the update to start working on clients go to the policy, Right click and
select "assign".
10. Instruct the clients to right click the Symantec tray icon next to the clock and press
"Update Policy".