Green Arrow when playing video


Some of you may experience the green arrow in the middle of the screen or at the side of it. This problem occurs when watching Youtube videos or Media player videos.
Well – there is no one way solution for that, but it much depends on your browser, the application you use (Flash or windows media based) and video card drivers, type and version.
We’ll update this page from time to time depends on the information we get.
When using the NVIDIA video card, this problem often points to a hardware acceleration problem, so it should be happening after a video card update or windows update.
Try the following:
1. Update\downgrade your video card drivers (depends on what you did before).
2. Right click desktop
3. Select ‘properties’
4. Select ‘settings’
5. Click ‘advanced’
6. Go to ‘troubleshoot’ tab
7. Move ‘hardware acceleration’ tab to ‘none’ (if things works OK now, try to get close as much as can to ‘Full’ – test every option if it works with the video).
8. Click OK
9. Reset computer if asked.
If the problem occurs after you installed the new flash version try to uninstall using this link and see if the problem solved:

In many cases the direct driver is corrupted or is not updated.
1. Go to the Start menu

2. on the ‘RUN’ search bar type ‘dxdiag.exe’.

3. You should see a message asking you if you want to allow the command to get certain info. Click ‘OK’ to move on.

4. Check on internet if there is any ‘directx version update’ for your Directx.
5. Go to ‘Directx Files’ and check on the ‘notes’ that ‘No problem found’ is written – otherwise you have problem with your directx and probably you should reinstall it.
6. You should test sound and music under ‘sound’ and ‘music’ rubrics to make sure your sound card is configured right with direct.