exchange 2010 disclaimer


Windows exchange 2010 configurations allows us to create disclaimers easily with a simple server rule (much alike outlook rules) and with little knowledge on basis HTML tags. The new improvement here is that the network administrator can create a disclaimer which based on active directory attributes, which make then dynamic.
For instance, to create a personal signature for all users in organization we will follow the following procedure:

1. Login to exchange server 2010 with admin rights.
2. Open the ‘Exchange Management Console’
3. Navigate to Organization Configuration < Hub Transport.
4. Choose the ‘Transport Rules’
5. From the ‘Action’ menu choose ‘New Transport Rule’
6. Name the new Rule as ‘Digital Signature’ < click ‘next’
7. Mark the ‘from users that are inside or outside the organization’ option < click ‘next’. This option meant to instruct exchange to perform the operation for any employee that sends email from the organization.
8. Mark the ‘append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply’.
9. If you take a close look at ‘step 2’ (on the lower window) there is a ‘disclaimer text’ marked with blue color <press the ‘disclaimer text’.

How to combine the HTML with active directory attributes?
Exchange actually uses Active directory user properties to get the information to the rule.
Microsoft in general follow the %% or % syntax as variable to access any information from the active directory database.
For instance, if we create home folder for a user, we can simply write in the profile path
\\server\sharename\%username% and the system will automatically create a folder with the actual username.

In digital signature we can use the same method for fetching data which is taken from Active directory user properties.
We can fetch the Organization name, phone, address, cell, department etc.
The syntax for using those attributes is %% :
%%DisplayName%% stands for the actual user’s full name (first and last name)
%%MobilePhone%% stands for the user’s mobile phone
%%Company%% stands for the user’s company name
%%Department%% stands for the user’s department name

so if we’re back to the disclaimer text we can use something like this:
<font size=medium>
Thank you,<br>
<font size=small>
Mobile: %%MobilePhone%% <br><br>
<h4><font color=blue>
This email was send from XVDR organization via POL relay