EventType officelifeboathang P1 outlook.exe


This article shows how to fix EventType officelifeboathang P1 outlook.exe

If your outlook 2007 get stuck and on event viewer you see EventType officelifeboathang, P1 outlook.exe, P2 12.0.6300.5000, P3 ntdll.dll, P4 5.1.2600.2180, P5 NIL, P6 NIL, P7 NIL, P8 NIL, P9 NIL, P10 NIL.
Try doing the following:

1. Scan for viruses in your computer with a good Antivirus program (Symantec endpoint will be OK).
2. Check if any Office 2003 components installed on the computer. remove if find any.
3. Remove windows desktop search if exist. Windows desktop search can influence if reading items that returned by windows desktop search
4. Try to delete and create the user profile again in outlook.
5. Try to remove IE cache.
6. Remove Skype toolbar from outlook- If you have Skype installed.
7. Check network Dns server and wins server settings.
8. Update office 2007 and windows XP with the latest updates.
9. Try delete the user profile and recreate it.
10. If none of the above procedures helped –try reinstalling Office 2007.