Disable windows explorer search entries


Familiar with this windows XP and windows 7 feature that remember all your windows explorer search to make your life easier so if you want to search for the same query again it will remind you all searches was queried using the beginning of your search ? Well, it is a nice feature if you’re alone in your office or at home, but it’s got its disadvantages when your computer is exposed to other people. Once someone starts a search on your computer when you’re not in your place, he can see what searches you did on your computer. It can be folders, shares, IP addresses etc. if you logged in on a domain environment or a workgroup share using a password and you searched for a share, one can easily see your share and access it with no effort. Disabling this feature in windows 7 is easy to do and can assure you that no one will see your searched folders or IP addresses.
Go over this procedure to accomplish this:

1. Go to "Start" button < type "gpedit.msc" < press "enter" < the "Group policy editor" should be opened now.
2. Browse to "user configuration" <"administrative templates" <"windows components" <" windows explorer".
3. Double click to open the "Turn off display of recent search entries in the Windows Explorer search box" < select "enabled" < click OK.