deploy Symantec Endpoint clients with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager


Installing the Symantec Endpoint clients can be made using several methods.
This article shows how to use deployment wizard and Symantec Endpoint add-in to deploy antivirus package.

The first step is preparing the client package for deployment:
1. Open Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console.
2. Login in admin rights.
3. Select "Admin" on the left pane.
4. Click "Install Packages" on the middle pane.
5. We should see now several packages in the right pane and use them or create a package.
6. To create a package – click the "add client install package" tab.
7. Specify the name of the package
8. Specify source folder (where the MSI or EXE exist).
9. We should see the package name we added along with all other packages.

The second step is deploying the package to clients:
1. Open "Migration and deployment wizard" and click Next.
2. We have two options: "deploy the client" or "Migrate from previous version"
Click "deploy the client" and press Next.
3. We can use two methods here:

3.1 First method is "Specify the name of the new group we wish to deploy the client" – in that case we will:

a. add a new group to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and all computers under that group get installation.
b. choose the client add-ins as: Antispy, network threat protection and proactive threat protection.
c. choose whether  to use 32Bit or 64bit installation.
d. choose whether to perform silent or unattended install.
e. provide the folder where the installation package exist.

3.2 Second method is "Select an existing client install package to deploy"

a. provide the folder where the installation package exist.
b. Specify the maximum concurrent deployments:
Now that depends on your local network:  a default setting is 10, in 1G network we use 50 when no network Activity (early morning or late evening). You can specify 20 in rush hour.
c. Browse the network (left pane) to choose which computers will get the installation or click "add"
To add computers by IP Address.
d. click finish when done.

It computers we specified we should see after few seconds installation running on the screen.
Do NOT close windows or computer during that process until getting a window with message to "restart", "wait 60 min" or close with out restart.