Create Libraries with Windows 7


One of the most important improvement of windows 7 indexing service is the libraries.

Libraries give the option to every user to include many folders in a single folder in a view perspective. Actually, most of the users don’t even know that their ‘documents’, ‘pictures’ and ‘videos’ of the basic windows folders are really libraries. For example: ‘documents’ can include data from other directories that points to this directory.
In order to create library follow this procedure:
1. Click ‘start’ <computer.
2. Right click ‘libraries’ < ‘new’ < ‘library’ (under ‘favorites’ navigation pane).
3. Name your new library click ‘enter’.
4. Right click your new library < click ‘properties’.
5. Click the ‘include a folder’ to add a folder to your library folder. Add all the folders that you want for this view.
6. You need to specify a folder that will hold your copy\paste data for this library. You can do it by selecting a folder and click ‘set save location’.  
That’s it, pressing OK will end the procedure and you have a library created.