Configure Remote desktop access to ADSL router


As default, ADSL router gets an IP address from DHCP server, so that if someone creates his own private network at home, the router allows inbound traffic for one IP address.Configure Remote desktop access to ADSL router allows a user access via remote desktop to his PC at home for more sessions. he simply need to create port forward rule for RDP traffic (port 3389) to his local IP address, say :
To workaround for this – to Configure Remote desktop access to ADSL router. We can use the RDP client flexibility with a little configurations on ADSL router to allow remote desktop for many computers as we want.
In this example, we’ll create rules that will allow us RDP connections to home network for 3 computers.
Public IP :
HomePC1 – IP:
HomePC2 – IP:
HomePC3 – IP:
1.Login to router with admin privileges.
2.Create a port forwarding rule for HomePC1 as follow:
Forward port 3389 to port 3389 on IP
Create a port forwarding rule for HomePC2 as follow:
Forward port 3390 to port 3389 on IP
Create a port forwarding rule for HomePC3 as follow:
Forward port 3391 to port 3389 on IP

The workaround here is to access the router’s public IP with different RDP port each session, and forward this traffic in ADSL router to a RDP session known by windows RDP service to allow connection to target.

To access those home computers from the internet we should:

1.Start < run
2.The syntax for RDP connection will be : mstsc /v:publicIP:AccessPort
So for connection to the computers in example type:

mstsc /v: – to access HomePC1
mstsc /v: – to access HomePC2
mstsc /v: – to access HomePC3

One can save the RDP session under “save as” so no need to repeat or remember this syntax every time.