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How to set spacing in Outlook for new and reply emails


set spacing in Outlook for new and reply emails will help users to define one time the spacing style.Office 2010 and office 2013 this process done one time for new emails and one time for reply emails. After configuring it one time – office will keep the configuration until the next change.

Set spacing for new emails:

1. Open new message in outlook client.
2. Go to “format text” < select “change style”. (You can also use “line and paragraph spacing” but it will change only one time). 3. Drop down the right ribbon to set the wished style. 4. Close the new message window. 5. Open new message window to check spacing after the change. For reply emails you may do exactly the same with one change, in section 1, do not open a new message, and instead reply to any email you have in your mailbox to set the exact configuration.