Blackberry enterprise activation process


Blackberry enterprise activation process is the method which connects the blackberry Smartphone to the BES server and syncs all data from exchange to blackberry and vice versa.
Important to know that one of the advantages for using BES as opposed to using the regular POP3 account setting on other Smartphone is that the email pops up to the blackberry regardless to the fact that one use Wi-Fi or any other network platform as the cellular data provider include this service when it comes to blackberry data package. The other advantage is that the BES service shrinks each email up to 10% from the original email to save bandwidth.
The most common method for activating blackberry is as follow:

1. The Blackberry Enterprise server (known as BES) administrator adds the new blackberry device user account to blackberry manager application.

  A. Open the blackberry manager.
  B. Under the Blackberry domain name < open "servers" < right click the server name < choose "Add user" or "Add Blackberry device"
  C. On the "type name or select from list"  < choose the requested user < press "select" < press "OK"
  D. Add the requested policy for the chosen blackberry device.
In this stage the blackberry enterprise server checks for the requested mailbox on the messaging server (Microsoft exchange server).

2. The Blackberry Enterprise server administrator create Enterprise activation password as follow:

  A. Open the "Blackberry manager – security administrator authority"
  B. On the right bottom pane < open the "service access"
  C. Click the "set activation password" and enter the password twice < press "OK"
  D. You can also use to Set the password on the "General tab" of the "UserName" Properties
  E. Another method is to "generate password and email activation" automatically by browsing to user on the blackberry manager  < right click the requested user < choose the " Generate and Email Activation Password"

3. Activate the requested Blackberry device as follow:

  A. On the user’s blackberry device < click the bear paw icon to see the full menu
  B. Browse to "options" < "advanced options" < "enterprise activation".
  C. On the "email" row < enter the full email access of the user.
  D. On the "password" < enter the password which was generated by the Enterprise server administrator on step 2C.note that the "activation server address" row can be empty.
  E. click the bear paw icon < click "activate"
In this stage, activation data sent to Blackberry Enterprise server trough the service provider

4. The Blackberry Enterprise server identifies the request and sends an activation message to the user’s blackberry as ETP.DAT file. This message shown in the device and indicates that the device was registered in the Blackberry Enterprise server database for dealing with the request.
Note that Blackberry Enterprise server recognizes this email message as an activation message.

5. The Blackberry Enterprise server contacts the requested blackberry device with data from the activation message to acknowledge that activation data received. In this stage the user’s Blackberry device shows message like "verifying encryption" and "encryption verified".

6. If there is a match between the given passwords from section 2C and the feed password from section 3D, the blackberry server start to push activation information to the user’s device service book and pre populate email messages. In this stage the user see in his blackberry device "Activating" message with percentage of done process.

7. User’s Blackberry device indicates "Activation complete" message.

8. User may see now all his mailbox data in the blackberry device.
If getting any errors try to activate the blackberry device, this article may help to solve the problem.
Another way of Activating the BlackBerry Smartphone is to use the BlackBerry Administration Service, this method can provide multiple users activation platform for BES administrators, the process is:

1. Connecting the Blackberry to computer with access to Blackberry administration service (known as BAS) < login to BAS.

2. Open  the "device" menu < open "attached devices" < click "manage current device" < "assign the current device"

3. Choose the user account that will be attached to the device and press "associate user".