Blackberry enterprise activation


This article deals with those scenarios that the blackberry smart phone won’t activate with the Blackberry Enterprise server much known as BES.
As soon as application installed on exchange and you have a device which has GPRS or 3G internet enabled on you cellular provider, all you have to do is create the user on the BES and activate it on your smart phone.
Errors with activating BES has to do much with BES license, GPRS or 3G internet package you got from cellular provider or the blackberry device itself.
Isolating the problem is acute in those scenarios as you may find yourself sealing with it for more than a day if you don’t know what to look for. The most familiar error with blackberry activation is something like "unable to connect, call your system administrator" which appears between 2-10 minutes after you started the activation.
Go through those steps to isolate the problem:
1. Make sure your server license is OK and that you’re blackberry user list didn’t exceed the limit your license permits you.
2. Make sure your SIM device has a Blackberry surfing package.
3. When try to activate, see for the activation request on the blackberry server, if don’t see the user access trying to register with the appropriate blackberry PIN code – then the conclusion is that the request doesn’t reach the server, which points on problem either with the blackberry device or with the blackberry internet service.
4. If you that the device try to register but still falls with the same error mentioned before, then you have to check your device.

Two configurations that may help if the problem concern the blackberry device:

1. Deleting the service book from the blackberry device and try to activate.
To delete the service book:

  1.Press the bear paw icon button on the blackberry device to reach the main application screen.
  2.Open the "options" menu (Adjustable spanner icon) < open "advanced options" < open "service book" < press the bear paw icon and choose "delete" for every service you have there (you should see services like: desktop, WLM, Wi-Fi, BBFS etc). Note that you can’t delete the "provisioning" service as it embedded to the blackberry core system.
  3.Restart the blackberry device < activate again.

2. Change the network mode so the SIM will work on a legacy network if the BES configured differently. This problem may occur when a SIM was replaced or the application on server was replaced.
To change network mode:

  1.Press the bear paw icon button on the blackberry device to reach the main application screen.
  2.Open the "manage connections" menu < open "mobile network options" menu.
  3.Go to "Network mode" option < choose "2G" option instead of "3G&2G"
  4.Reset the device
  5.Make sure you have "GPRS" on capital letters next to the networking bar on the main menu. Note that if you have "gprs" with small letters the blackberry will not activate against the BES as activation can’t be establish when GSM network only is involved (with no data package).
  6.Try to activate the blackberry.

If none of those works and you checked your BES and cellular provider, you might need to wipe your blackberry and reactivate.
Wiping   blackberry is part of this article.