Blackberry app error 200



Happens when application on the blackberry bold 9000 or 9300 is corrupted and can be displayed in several errors like java error in blackberry 8700 and other errors depend on your blackberry phone
The solution for this kind of scenarios works in three major steps:
1. Backing up you data.
2. Wipe your blackberry.
3. Install a fresh operating system
4. Restore your data.

Backing up your data
1. Download the latest desktop manager from here

2. Connect your device and sync all data to your computer.

Wipe you blackberry and install operating  system
1. download a program called JL_Cmdr from here

2. delete the file vendor.xml from the following location:
This file is part of the desktop manager installation and by deleting it the desktop manager understand that no operating system installed and it lets you choose whet to install.

3. Close the desktop manager and connect the blackberry to your USB port.
4. Open JL_Cmdr to get a command prompt  screen.
5. click "next" on first screen
6. if you use password for your blackberry enter it now by clicking "Yes" to the question.
7. On the "which downloader command would you like to use" you can click option 4 to wipe the blackberry or 5 to restore it to factory default. Most recommended is option 4. Note it can take several times until your blackberry will start the wipe.
If your blackberry will not connect and wipe after some attempts, then you need to use the NOVJM command as follow:
a. Disconnect your device from USB.
b. Install the required operating system on your PC.
c. Go to start <run < type "CMD" on the textbox.
d. Go to directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
e. Connect the blackberry to PC and close desktop manager if it’s opened.
f. Type the following command under the prompt from section d: " loader.exe /nojvm"
g. You should now see the loader wizard starts with USB:YourBalckberryPINCode
h. Press next to install the operating system

8. If you succeeded on option 4, by the end of the wiping you might get a 507 error or java error depends on your blackberry.
9. Start the desktop manager < select "Upploader" and press next for every step until it installs your operating system.
10. The installation program then reboot the device, make sure not to unplug the blackberry device.

Restore your data

1. Open Desktop Manager < go to the Main page  < Select "Backup & Restore" .
2. Select the file you created before the wipe.