Adobe premium CS4 problem with Offline files


This article regards to an issue absorbed when working with windows 7 in a domain using a policy for folder redirection and offline files. There is a known Adobe premium CS4 problem with Offline files.
The problem is that application such as Adobe illustrator and adobe Dreamweaver which their links point so a share on server (folder redirection) are not functioning, either won’t open or comes up with an error.
When digging a little, it appears that two prerequisites add ones get installed by the adobe installer by default, are disconnecting the offline files so that the link targets to \\servername\UserProfileShare\Application data marked with X (as disconnected).
Two methods to work around this problem:
Method one:
If the computers in subject doesn’t serve any roaming users, simply disable the folder redirection and offline files to “Application data” so all software using this folder will point to local C:\ drive and no the network.

Method two:
1.Download the Autoruns for windows.
2.In registry hives, seek for “Adobe Drive File System Driver” (marked as ADFS)
3.Uncheck this driver to exclude from autorun.
4.Restart the computer and check if it works.

All in all there any many other problems regarded to that issue:

If the application stuck or crash when trying to save files, follow this:

1. Make sure the Printer spooler service was set the “start”.

2. If the printer spooler service set to “Start” from the begining and the problem occur, stop the printer spooler or set the “Adobe PDF” printer as the default printer and try again.

3. if moving from windows XP to windows 7, make sure no fonts were added to windows XP which do not exist on windows 7. If fonts added, add those fonts to windows 7 as well.