Add Local Disk with EMC Storage


1. Download ISCSI initiator program from Microsoft for the station you want to add disk to.

2. Add IP address for new Network Disk (local Station will indentify it later on with this IP address).                                                                                                                                                                                                     

3. Ping the Network address to check connectivity. Pay attention to relevant the IP address to appropriate Network Card in EMC.

4. Build the Pull for new Disk + disk size

5. Build the ISCSI target for new disk +define the IP address

6. Create the LUN for holding the disk

7. Copy initiator node (from local station) to EMC LUN ISCSI Mask (Picture 1 for Local disk Picture 2 for EMC).

8. Add disk address to station

9. Logon to disk in station

10. Go to Disk management to add new disk with appropriate size