add client from Active directory with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager ldap


Clients added when client is installed on machine.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager gives the option to add client directly from
active directory using LDAP protocol.

1. Open Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console.
2. Login in admin rights.
3. Click "clients" on the left pane.
4. Click "import active directory or LDAP users"
5. Type the server name that hold the active dirctory databas (one of the DC).
6. Type the privilege account and password.
7. Click "list users" to view users.
8. Click "add" to add those users to the group list.
9. Now you can right click the user or users and perform one of the tasks:
Update content
Scan the computer
Restart the computer
Enable auto protect
Control network threat protection.